Custom Solutions upon Customer Requirements

Development of innovative/smart complex engineering solutions with custom architecture that aren’t still available in the market

  • development of complex robotics solutions upon customer request
  • integration of IoT technologies
  • embedded HW design and prototyping
  • audio and video processing
  • architecture design and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as multi-rotor, fixed-wing and hybrid solutions, tethered copters
  • power supplies for tethered UAVs (customization for given payload, power cord length, etc.)
  • frames for multi-copter UAVs
    • based on our own design (spokes, and principle of bicycle wheel)
    • own fixed-wing and hybrid VTOL design technology
    • customization of frames for different payload and flight time
  • Flight Control Systems
    • development of adaptive robust autopilot inner loop technology
    • integration services for adaptive inner-loop into custom autopilots
    • navigation system and ground control systems integration
    • API's
  • Training and technology transfer
  • connectivity and radio links
    • RF, Wifi, mesh protocols
    • streaming, real-time control
    • API's available to B2B / B2G customers, including source code
  • cloud connectivity, mesh networks, peer-to-peer networks design/integration
  • educational laboratory packages (robotics, UAVs, PCB, plastic, etc.), training of trainers

PCB Design and Embedded Development

Facts about PCB Design and Embedded Development

  • the direction started with company foundation in 2012
  • as of 2019, Embedded programmers team includes 5 professionals experienced in PCB prototyping, design and manufacturing
  • designed PCBs and smart devices for companies from Singapore, USA and Armenia
  • Trusted network of PCB manufacturers in China and USA

Regular consulting and design service process

  • starts with problem formulation, understanding the requirements and limitations
  • PCB Prototyping may require several iterations to get to the finalize the design (usually 3 iterations)
  • Embedded development, integration with mechanics, testing
  • PCB Production with trusted manufacturers or as selected by customer
  • Post-production guarantee and support, may also include technical maintenance

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Object Detection/Recognition/Tracking

  • image classification and object detection in videos
    • based on Caffe, Tensorflow, OpenCV with SVM, CNN, R-CNN, YoLo, SSD
  • tracking small objects on low quality videos
  • identification of the person based on limited input data
  • human detection from thermal camera
  • detection of birds regular camera

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • evaluation of HMM and LSTM neural networks for speech recognition
  • UAV balancing control based on reinforcement learning
  • vessels health maintenance
    • research and development of  concept proof solution for Predictive Maintenance system for Vessels based on machine learning approach
  • acceleration of AI algorithm on Heterogeneous Compute Platforms
    • achieved throughput - 1B 128x128 matrices processing per second
    • achieved latency - 25ms to process 1M 128x128 matrices

Audio/Video Processing

  • development of multimedia library and applications
  • architectural exploration, characterization of algorithms, mapping to target platforms and optimization
  • video coding - H.264, Mpeg2, Set-Top-Box (multiple encoder/decoders)
  • image processing - HDR, SR, Format converters
  • targeting multiple heterogeneous compute fabrics and platforms
    • CPU/DSP
    • GPGPU, HPC
    • FPGA, ASIC
  • verification tools
    • stream parsers, visualizers, debuggers
    • video streams for testing and bench-marking
    • true 8K/4K UHD video test-case generators, trans-coders

Indoor Flight UAVs

  • flights are organized via Local Positioning System
  • Demo description: the copter flies 2-3 meters high, transports for example the bill (tied up to a candy) and drops it into a container previously placed on the table. If the container is not there, the copter returns back