Embedded programming training course

Instigate Robotics launches embedded programming training course for beginners starting June 9, 2020

  • duration of the course - 4 months
  • frequency - twice a week (Tuesday, Friday - 9: 00-10: 30)
  • the training course is free
  • best participants will be hired

Training course details

Trainings of UAV Pilot and Technician

"Instigate Robotics" organizes courses for Unmanned Areal Vehicles operation and maintenance.

Regular Course

  • Duration - 4-6 months
  • Attendance - twice a week (2-3 hours)
  • Graduates will be provided by the participation certificate

Intensive Course

  • Duration - 2-3 months
  • Attendance - every day (8 hours)
  • Graduates will be provided by the participation certificate

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Training of trainers

We provide offsite/onsite trainings on:
  • Pilot and technician trainings
  • Control Systems development trainings

Internship and employment

We are open for interns who are interested in electronics, mechanics, software development, embedded programming, radio systems, UAV development, etc.
You can send your CV with cover letter to info@instigaterobotics.com

Educational laboratory setup

We offer custom packages for educational laboratories including:

  • training program
  • handbooks
  • hardware/software
  • stands
  • basic equipment
  • training of trainers ToT

Laboratory setup for UAV Pilot and Technicians

Package includes:

  • Edu copter(s), Edu airplane(s) with spare parts
  • Radio systems
  • Video Transmission tools
  • Indoor testing stands
  • Software (Flight simulators and Ground Control stations)
  • Basic equipment needed for assembling

Course provides:

  • Basics of aerodynamics
  • UAV architecture exploration
  • Assembling of multi-rotors and airplanes
  • Performing calibrations for radio system, ESC, magnetometer/accelerometer
  • Flight setup
  • Radio systems, video transmitting, video-links
  • Pilot skills for multi-rotors and fixed-wing UAVs for different types of flights

Laboratory setup for Control Systems

Package includes:

  • ESC(s), motors/propellers, control boards, peripheral boards, etc
  • ESC (electronic speed controller) calibration stand
  • Inverted pendulum stand
  • Balancer stand
  • etc.

Course provides:

  • Basic knowledge of mechanical engineering and mechatronics
  • Programming and tuning of control systems (basics of PID)
  • Work experience with stepper motors, rotary encoders, motor drivers and control boards