Forest Monitoring System

The system is designed to monitor forests and other tree planted areas. Instigate Robotics has designed solar-powered devices which will be mounted on the trees and analyze the air quality, tree cutting noise, movements and will send the following data to the situational center:

  • device coordinates
  • the captured image in case of movement
  • the likelihood of fire or logging, etc.

The Web application of the situational center will display the data received from the devices.
There are several models of devices which work with different networks:

  • wifi network - devices can be installed in city parks
  • 3G communication - devices can be installed
    in remote areas where there is a mobile network
  • radio communication - the communication is organized via radio component installed within the device

The devices of the system will not require additional maintenance after installation, as they work with the power supply of solar panels and periodically send their "health" data to the situational center.

Technical Specification of the System

  • movement detection distance - up to 7 meters
  • movement detection view angle - 120 degrees
  • camera shooting distance - up to 7 meters
  • camera view angle - 70 degrees
  • smoke detection - up to 20-25 meters
  • logging detection - up to 100 meters
  • night vision
  • the battery within the device is also powered by the solar panel
  • on non sunny days, the battery can provide the device with power - 10 days
  • the optimal distance of the devices depends on the location and the requirement of the client