Gunshot Detection System GDS-360

GDS-360 is designed to detect shot-like sound sources and characterize them by providing sound source relative horizontal position (azimuth) and sound intensity.
The GDS-360 is composed of 5 microphone array modules (sub-arrays) to be mounted at specific directions and relative angular offset to each other to cover 360° view range.

Each sub-array module is capable of covering cover ±40° view range in azimuth and elevation. Angular scanning resolution of the system is ±10° in each direction.
The pre-processing and signal conditioning of acquired signals is organized on two data acquisition boards, which will transfer reprocessed waveforms via network switch onto industrial computer (Central Processing System - CPS) for beam-forming, spacial filtering, direction finding and transmission of results to Customer’s computer.
Signal acquisition broads have wind noise suppression mechanism.
The system outputs and logs the data to Customer’s computer through TCP/UDP protocols on each detected event.
The systems continuously logs and broadcasts system health information over TCP/UDP with configurable period.