Technical Specifications

GDS-360 is designed to detect shot-like sound sources and characterize them by providing sound source relative horizontal position (azimuth) and sound intensity.
GDS-360 is composed of 5 microphone array modules (sub-arrays) to be mounted at specific directions and relative angular offset to each other to cover 360° view range.

Each sub-array module is able to cover ±40° view range in azimuth and elevation. Angular scanning resolution of the system is ±10° in each direction.
The pre-processing and signal conditioning of acquired signals is organized on two data acquisition boards, which will transfer reprocessed waveforms via network switch onto industrial computer (Central Processing System - CPS) for beam-forming, spacial filtering, direction finding and transmission of results to Customer’s computer.
Signal acquisition boards have wind noise suppression mechanism.



Number of sub-arrays


Number of sensors per sub-array


Array step size

0.06 m

Beamforming optimal frequency

2.5 kHz

Sensor frequency range

0..10 kHz

Array dimensions (preliminary) H*W*D

214x214x3 (mm)

Single Array power consumption

<0.1 W

Array to Acquisition Board cable length

<2 m


~800 g each

Dimensions of cover

350x350x132 (mm)

Additional features:

  • Periodic system health status broadcasting over TCP/UDP protocol
  • Raw analog audio signal local recording


  • Environment monitoring for gun shot detection
  • Unauthorized drone intrusion detection