Facts about PCB Design and Embedded Development

  • the direction started with company foundation in 2012
  • as of 2019, Embedded programmers team includes 5 professionals experienced in PCB prototyping, design and manufacturing
  • designed PCBs and smart devices for companies from Singapore, USA and Armenia
  • Trusted network of PCB manufacturers in China and USA

Regular consulting and design service process

  • starts with problem formulation, understanding the requirements and limitations
  • PCB Prototyping may include several iterations to finalize the design (usually 3 iterations)
  • Embedded development, integration with mechanics, testing
  • PCB production with trusted manufacturers or by customer preference
  • post-production guarantee and support, may also include technical maintenance

Smart Doorbell for Smart Home

  • smart doorbell and camera for Armenian market
    • devices are based on raspberry pi (zero and 3b+) platforms and include camera (also  night-vision mode), microphone, external user interfaces (buttons) and communication slots (locks, old ring-systems, etc.)
  • the work included
    • PCB and device design/prototyping including plastic case design and manufacturing, testing
    • embedded development (running on Linux and programmed in C++, python)
    • integration into peer2peer based cloud network
  • initial manufacturing of 100 devices (camera + doorbell) with capacity to increase to several thousands

Power Conversion System

  • designed as part of tethered drone system which converts high voltage on the ground and converts back  to low voltage on the UAV
  • notification on run-time power interruptions to switch to battery supply
  • the following versions of power converters are available
    • 700V DC -> 48V DC
    • 400V DC -> 24V DC
    • 220 AC -> 400V DC
    • 220 AC -> 700V DC

Automatic Transfer Switch

  • the system switches the power source between two input lines (3 phases) in less than 30 milliseconds, i.e. as long as it takes to maintain the connection of power supplies
  • capability of power consumption calculations for all the phases separately
  • voltage monitoring
  • remote control and monitoring via mobile application using GPRS/3G/4G

Autopilot & Electronic Speed Controller

  • autopilot + ESC (electronic speed controller) for fixed-wing UAV
  • input voltage 3-12s (12-60v)
  • capability to drive 1 BLDC, 1 stepper and up to 10 servo motors
  • capability of measuring total current
  • capability of measuring each phase current and voltage separately
  • autopilot platform for fixed-wing UAVs (most of fixed-wings have only one BLDC + multi stepper motors)
  • possible to use also as educational platform for learning motor driving techniques

Smart Umbrella for Solar Tracking System

  • HW and FW development of solar based umbrella
  • the whole system consists of 5 control units (main, environmental, motor driver, power management board, human interface board), the first three has been designed and programmed by  Instigate Robotics
  • the main board purpose is to communicate with all the  subsystems and give control commands
  • sensors board is gathering environmental data e.g. audio, GPS, MPU, air pressure, temperature, wind speed/direction, etc