Mobile Watchtower / Tethered Copter

Tethered copters with unlimited flight time following it's power source placed on moving car, boat or ship

  • follows it's power source with up to 40 km/h horizontal speed
  • payload - 1.5 kg (reserved for camera and gimbal or any other payload) 
  • operational height – 60 m
  • horizontal speed – 10 m/s
  • vertical speed – 3 m/s
  • telemetry/video distance – 8-10km
  • winch system – automatic pay in/out of cable
  • frame from titanium based on principle of bicycle wheel

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Automatic Transfer Switch IR-ATS-100

IR-ATS-100 switches the power between two input lines in 15-20 milliseconds, i.e. quick enough to maintain the connection of power supplies.

  • power consumption for each phase is 30A
  • excessive power supply via 90A switches
  • remote mechanical switching capability
  • indicates the current line connected to the light
  • provides data on voltage and cost of electricity on the device display
  • the main and important components of the device are duplicated, and in case of damage, the device works with backup nodes, warning about the damage with a light signal.

Gunshot Detection System GDS-360

GDS-360 is designed to detect shot-like sound sources and characterize them by providing the following data:

  • timestamp
  • sound intensity
  • azimuth
  • elevation angles
  • 5s audio waveform of detected event , etc.

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Human Voice Beamforming System

HVBS is a microphone array based system designed to spatially filter acoustic signal in human speech frequency range and stream the processed audio signal to the situational center.

The system has a signal acquisition, processing and communication unit, which will acquire raw array of acoustic signals from Microphone Array and perform beam-forming in order to spatially filter the signal to separate and amplify the acoustic signal (human speech) only from the desired direction.
The signals outside of desired direction will be filtered out (suppressed).

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Human Detection System

Human detection system is a set of devices designed to detect movement. System’s devices are mounted on tree branches with certain distance from each other and have the following specifications:

In case of detected incident, the system sends the information to situation center for monitoring via web page, indicating

  • the coordinates
  • the time of the incident
  • the picture taken upon detection

The system can be prepared based on specific requirements of client.

Forest Monitoring System

Forest monitoring system is a set of devices designed to detect movement, fire, logging and other environmental issues. System’s devices are mounted on tree branches on a certain distance and carry out:

  • human and animal movements detection
  • fire and smoke detection by analyzing air quality
  • tree cutting control through saw voice analysis
  • collecting / sending other data as required, such as wind strength and direction, air humidity, etc.

If there is a detected incident, the system sends information to situation center, indicating the coordinates and time of the incident.

The system will be prepared based on specific requirements of client.

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Smart doorbell

  • opportunity to video communicate with visitors from anywhere
  • saving the video messages in server and ability to watch them later via mobile application
  • absolute data protection thanks to end-to-end encryption
  • ability to video control the area outside the door
  • in case of no answer to the doorbell, the system allows the user to save the visitor's video message in the database, which will be available only to the user
  • all data is stored end-to-end encrypted with AES256 / PGP script
  • video storage duration in server is set/selected by the user

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Smart camera

  • the security camera is installed near the front door of a house or any building
  • the device video-controls the surroundings and sends the video stream to the server
  • the saved video is available only to the user
  • video recordings are available both real-time and via mobile or web application
  • all the data is stored end-to-end encrypted with AES256 / PGP script
  • the camera can record either constantly or only upon motion detection
  • video storage duration on the server is set/selected by the user

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Copter Urur3

A hex-copter designed for unmanned video surveillance, package transfer, etc.

  • frame - from titanium based on principle of bicycle wheel
  • payload – 1-5 kg
  • horizontal speed – 10-13m/s
  • vertical speed – 3-5m/s
  • max hover time – 40 minutes (no wind, at sea level)
  • mixed flight time - 23-25 minutes (wind of 10m/s)
  • max altitude – 4500-5000 m ASL
  • telemetry range – 7-12 km
  • max radius (no wind, at sea level) – 10-12 km
  • any type of camera and gimbal can be attached (up to 5 kg)

Main advantages:

  • can be customized and work with tethered power system and ensure unlimited flight time
  • robust flight due to closed loop Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)
  • stable flight  due to adaptive autopilot based on L1 algorithm developed by Instigate Robotics
  • shock resistance

Copter Bazeh1

Hex-copter designed for unmanned video surveillance, video and broadcasting

  • horizontal speed – 10m/s
  • vertical speed – 3m/s
  • mixed flight time – 20 minutes
  • max radius – 8-12 km (in open areas)
  • operating temperature – -10 - +50 °C
  • camera - 2K (2560x1440) 30 fps
  • gimbal - 3 axis
  • video transmission - up to 10 km
  • GPS tracker

Main advantages

  • easy to assemble and easy to fix the damages due to dji F550 frame with a distribution board
  • easy to find the lost copter via GPS tracker

Copter Ohan3

Quad copter designed for unmanned video surveillance, video and broadcasting

  • payload - 4 kg
  • horizontal speed – 40 km/h
  • vertical speed – 10 km/h
  • mixed flight time – 30 minutes
  • max radius – 10 km
  • operating temperature  -10 +50 °C

SLA LCD 3D Printer

  • manufacturer: Instigate Robotics
  • printing resolution up to 4K pixels
  • ethernet and WiFi Control, USB Printing
  • smooth surface finish
  • printing material: resin (epoxide)
  • touchscreen monitor with SD card for autonomous printing
  • layer size: 0.01mm
  • uses 2 rails for noise cancellation


3D Printer - Prusa I3

Designed based on the model Prusa I3, improved parts quality and results

  • manufacturer - Instigate Robotics
  • print resolution - 250 x 210 x 200 mm
  • layer size - 0.1 mm
  • tap size - 0.2 mm +
  • all components are made of high quality metal
  • touch screen with SD card for offline printing
  • the diameter of the printing material - 1.75 mm
  • connection - SD card, USB
  • printing material - ABS, PLA, PVA

Automatic Irrigation System

The system is designed for remote control and monitoring of irrigation process. The system has:

  • one input for a 1-inch pipe
  • ten outputs for 0.5 inch pipes
  • software application
  • possibility to set irrigation schedule for each output

With the help of the software application, the user will have opportunity to remotely control the operation of the system, monitor the current state and get the following data:

  • last irrigation date and time
  • upcoming planned irrigation date and time
  • current state of the irrigation process
  • may also have information about environmental factors

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Small Meteo-Station

The device can be installed in agricultural lands or in forests and provide the following data:

  • air humidity, air temperature, air pressure
  • air quality
  • light intensity
  • amount of rain
  • wind direction and speed

Installation density depends on the terrain.

Soil humidity sensor

The soil humidity sensor is installed not far from the meteo station and transmits data on soil moisture and temperature by wire to the meteo station. Installation density depends on the terrain.


Water volume measuring device which is able to operate outdoors, it works autonomously and requires no extra maintenance as the batteries are recharged by solar panels. The water-meter is attached to a semi-moon shaped tube placed in the canals and measures the amount of water passing through the tube. The device works based on data provided by ultrasound sensors. It can send data and provide reports through the system. The device may also be able to measure the following:

  • water temperature and acidity
  • air temperature and humidity
  • presence of various gases in the air
  • radioactivity, etc.

The main areas of application are agriculture and water supply companies.

The device allows to regulate water consumption and save water resources.


Instigate Robotics developed own autopilot based on L1 adaptive control theory. L1 autopilot promising robust and stable flights. See more ...

Educational Laboratory

Instigate Robotics together with Instigate Training Center Foundation are developing and supplying advanced robotics training packages for high school and university students.
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