Smart Doorbell

  • the device is installed near the front door of a house or any building
  • the system allows the user to video-communicate with the visitor (who ringed the doorbell) via mobile application both from inside the house / building, and outside of it wherever there is an internet access
  • in case of no answer to the doorbell, the system allows the user to save the visitor's video message in the database, which will be available only to the user
  • all data is stored end-to-end encrypted with AES256 / PGP script
  • video storage duration in server is set/selected by the user


  • opportunity to video communicate with visitors from anywhere
  • saving the video messages in server and ability to watch them later via mobile application
  • absolute data protection thanks to end-to-end encryption
  • ability to video control the area outside the door

Technical Specs

Video storage durationFrom 1 day to 1 year
Wifi802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Wifi signal strength

100 meters in open areas

Inside the building it depends on the wall thickness

Formatmpeg-ts(H264, AAC)
Quality480p, 15 shots
Bandwidth per second 550kbps/1155kbps
Camera angle175 degrees
Data encryption AES256/PGP
Speaker Available
Ability to connect to the EthernetAvailable
Motion detection via video stream and video recordingAvailable
Night visionHuman face detection - up to 5 meters
Operating temperature-30 degrees to +40 degrees
Input voltage220 volt