Command Control Center - distributed system for combat/operations control and tracking the actions of own and enemy forces.
About Us


Instigate Robotics CJSC is an international technological company founded in 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia. Instigate Robotics is dedicated to designing and manufacturing comprehensive solutions to resolve complex industrial challenges in terms of security, longevity, and reliability. The company not only develops systems for civil dual-use and defense markets but also provides comprehensive training and support services. These additional offerings are crucial in ensuring that customers can effectively utilize and maintain the systems they acquire. So far, Instigate Robotics has organized different courses in Embedded Programming, ToTs, internships, educational laboratory setups for UAV Pilot and Technicians and etc․

As a project integrator, the company collaborates with over 10 companies, offering an extensive range of services, solutions, technologies, and product vendors across various areas. For many years, Instigate Robotics has been engaged in the supply and sale of products to various countries around the world, including Singapore, Finland, Japan, and more.

Overall, Instigate Robotics provides CTO consulting, its products, engineering services, systems integration and validation, training, and knowledge transfer. Company offerings are designed to meet the unique requirements, application platforms, and goals of each customer, providing them with flexible and complete solutions.